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Cobblemon PokeFactory Modpack Spawn

Cobblemon PokeFactory

The Ultimate Cobblemon Modpack

PokeFactory seamlessly combines Pokemon, Technology, Magic, and Adventure with Minecraft. Combining over 90 mods, this isn't a kitchen sink pack - each serves a purpose and ties in with the overall experience.

PokeFactory's Mods



Cobblemon is a revolutionary, open source Pokemon Mod for Minecraft.

Farmer's Delight Logo.png

Farmer's Delight

Farmer's Delight massively expands on Minecraft's farming, cooking & food systems.

Applied Energistics 2 Logo

Applied Energistics 2

Applied Energistics 2 adds a huge amount of storage, auto crafting, and energy options to Minecraft.

Botania Mod Logo.png


Technology & Magic, harvest Mana to automate without the pipes & wires.

Create Mod Logo.png


Create is a famous mod, adding a variety of automation options & new blocks for function & aesthetics.

When Dungeons Arise Logo.png

When Dungeons Arise

An advanced dungeon generator, explore imposing structures in the wild.

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