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The best Cobblemon Servers, period.

Roanoke Cobblemon

We host the oldest Cobblemon SMP, which will never reset and has no worldborder. It's public, it's called Roanoke Green, and all 600GB of it will be around forever.

That's not all - we also offer Roanoke Purple, an 18+ whitelisted Cobblemon Server, with a strong competitive scene studying the changing Cobblemon Meta.

Roanoke Green Treehouse

Roanoke Green

The Oldest Cobblemon Server.

With no world border, no resets, and NOP2W, this is the best Vanilla Cobblemon experience you'll ever find.

Roanoke Purple

18+ Whitelisted Cobblemon SMP

The most active & best running 18+ Cobblemon Server, with NOP2W and a strong competitive scene. Whether you like trading with players and building, or crushing others in battles, Purple has it for you - without the annoying kids.

Roanoke Pride Charizard & Player
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