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Roanoke Purple

The best (and only) 18+ Cobblemon Server. No P2W, and a strong competitive community with Gyms & Tournaments.

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Why is Purple the best Cobblemon server for you?

Roanoke Purple is the Cobblemon descendant of our year old 18+ Pixelmon SMP. We're the largest whitelisted Minecraft server to date, with over 4,000 whitelisted, 18+ members in total. 

If you're sick of annoying 13 year olds in chat, sick of power tripping staff members, sick of rampant P2W, and you just want to play the game, chill out (or compete) - Roanoke Purple is the Cobblemon Server for you.

Purple is a vanilla Cobblemon Server, without major changes to the core progression. You can fight our player ran gym league, take part in tournaments, or build to your hearts content.

Start playing now

You can download our Cobblemon SMP modpack on either Modrinth or Curseforge - follow the link below for installation instructions!

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