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World Of Minecraft

Roanoke Green

No Pay to Win, No Resets, No World Border.

Cobblemon in it's purest form.

Why play Cobblemon on Roanoke Green?

Green started off as our test bed for Cobblemon in early January of 2023. Launching on the first non official release (pre-Cobblemon 1.1) that allowed server hosting, Green had some early bugs. It stayed dormant after we initially played around with it til Cobblemon 1.2's release where popularity exploded. 

Ever since it's inception, Roanoke Green has been the purest form of Cobblemon you can get. There's no world border, no kits, no freebies, and no resets

We have a good track record of keeping our no reset promise - we also host the oldest Pixelmon 1.16 server (which is over a year old now). Thanks to our amazing community, we have funding & excellent hardware, so you can experience pure Cobblemon without the lag & eventual shut down of most vanilla experiences.

Start playing now

You can download our Cobblemon SMP modpack on either Modrinth or Curseforge - follow the link below for installation instructions!

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