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How to install Cobblemon

Know what you're doing? Install our pack below from Modrinth or CurseForge. Otherwise, keep reading for more instructions.

Install Cobblemon with the Prism Launcher

The Prism Launcher Logo
  1. Download & Install Prism from their website

  2. Once it's installed, open it and click "Add Instance" in the top left

  3. On the left menu that pops up, click "Modrinth"

  4. In the "Search and filter..." bar, enter "Cobblemon SMP" and press search

  5. "Cobblemon SMP" should pop up as the first result, look for our logo (see above)

  6. Select "Cobblemon SMP", and press "OK" at the bottom right. 

  7. Click on the "Cobblemon SMP" icon, and then press "Launch" on the right to start playing!

We have moved primarily to Modrinth due to CurseForge's issues (and therefore lack of core mods - they've annoyed developers that much). However, if you're used to CurseForge and just want to get on with it, our pack is still available there. 

  1. Download & Install CurseForge from their website

  2. Select "Minecraft" on the "Choose a game" window

  3. Click the Minecraft Logo on the left to get to the modpacks window

  4. Click the "Search for Minecraft modpacks" bar at the top

  5. Search for "Cobblemon SMP" - look for our logo (see above)

  6. Click the green "Install" button

  7. Once it's downloaded, you can click on the icon and press play!

Alternatively, you can play our modpack with CurseForge

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