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Roanoke is a Minecraft Server Network without the P2W. We host 18+ and public Cobblemon & PokeFactory servers.

Blastoise from Cobblemon with a Custom Texture

Why Roanoke?

Roanoke was started just over a year ago - we wanted an 18+ Minecraft Server, without overbearing staff or P2W features.

Since then, we've grown to over 4,000 members, had over 30,000+ unique log ins, and grown into an incredible community of friendly, welcoming people. 

We run the oldest Cobblemon Server, and since it's launch have also release an 18+ Whitelisted Cobblemon Server, and are about to release even more!

Competitive Scene

We're not just the most friendly community, we're also the best at battling.

Since it's inception, Roanoke has attracted a thriving Competitive Pokemon scene. 

We created a fully custom Cobblemon Gym plugin, which powers our competitive Gym League you can challenge on our servers.

We run weekly tournaments on all of our servers, offering a nice space to learn how to play, and an even better space to compete with the best Cobblemon battlers.

Roanoke's Mascot: Gengar - who really loves Competitive Cobblemon
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